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3ds max includes several keyboad shortcuts for quickly changing the view in the active viewport including T-top view, B- bottom view , L-left view, C- Camera view, $ - spotlight view, P- perspective view, U- orthographic view. Pressing the V key opens a quad menu that lets you select a...


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The discovery of the airplane accelerated development in the transport industry. The time taken to travel greater distances has been dramatically reduced, and places have become increasingly more accessible. Despite the Wright Brothers universally credited with the invention of the airplane, the emergence of the plane can be traced...

plastic surgery

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Walter Yeo, one of the first people to receive plastic surgery after suffering horrible burns during WWI, 1917.

Tips to an easier 3ds max life - Part 4

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fourth in a series of videos of 3ds max tips and tricks.topics:transformations and snapssubdividing/cuttingwelding/removingusing different pivots  


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If you choose to use the online help files, you may find yourself waiting for the pages to load, which can be annoying if you are anxious to get an answer. Its better to download and use a local copy than the online version.